Copenhagen, Carbon and Control…The New World Order is here…

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    From scrapped cars to bloated NGOs, funded by those who aim to profit from carbon, one need only look to the European Union and the UK to see what’s planned for America. It’s no surprise that the US government, and associated institutions, plan to support “low carbon” strategies for a new world. It takes only a few clicks of the mouse to discover the tentacle-like, death hold the green revolutionaries possess throughout the USA and the world.

    A myriad of tentacles have been developed which appear to be innocuous non-profits like Transition US, Post Carbon Institute, Carbon Trust, or the Chicago Climate Exchange. Examples of relevant government entities include the US Bureau of Economic Geology, the United Nations Environment Programme, the Global Environment Facility and the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel, along with their board members’ dubious affiliations. Let’s not forget the universities who receive research dollars from power hungry, carbon over-lords to develop foundational, and intricately designed systems-modeling data in order to validate the next level of global control, while mystifying most of us with complicated jargon and mathematics. It’s interesting to note that while American consumers were gladly handing over their “clunkers”, so too, was Canada, the UK, South Africa, Germany, France, Italy and now China is announcing a similar move. Proponents of this scheme say it will boost sluggish auto sales. So, is this about climate change, or another back door bailout?

    for the full story and A Ct Patriots blog
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    Hey Ma!

    Where did you put my tin foil hat?

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