Coommunist Doctrine

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    I was perusing a message board on the Internet where they were discussing property. One of the posters mentioned: "Senate Document #43 states "All property is owned by the state.."".

    Realizing that this a Communist Doctrine, I couldn't believe that this had been accepted by the Congress as a Senate Document. I searched the Internet and found the document here:

    Within this document, it is declared: "The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State".

    I revisited the message board and posted: "This is a communist doctrine. Do you accept this as valid in the United States?"

    One poster wrote back: "Don't even go there Indago. Of course I do not agree with the communist doctrine. On the other hand, because it is written into Congressional record, it is a FACT, and a FACT that we as American men and women should not be proud of (giving respect to the tens of thousands that have died in the fight to keep this nation the property of the men and women of this nation)."

    I sent an Email to the Senators from my State, noting: "I was not aware of this Senate Document Number 43, ordered to be printed by Senate Resolution Number 63 of the Seventy-third Congress, First Session; and, I find it appalling and hypocritical that after all the time, rhetoric, and energy expended by so many in government denouncing Communist Doctrine, here it is, accepted into the Congress as a Senate Document.

    I want to see this Senate Document Number 43 expunged from the records of government, and would like you working toward that end."

    It would behoove all to write to their Senators and require that this Senate Document #43 be expunged from all records of government.

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