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    Introducing The Ibanez Jem 20th Anniversary

    Steve Vai and Ibanez proudly present the 20th Anniversary Jem - celebrating 20 years of groundbreaking and innovation together.

    The new Jem features a hand-made clear acrylic resin body with 3D threads of color that swirl through the guitar body. When the tone knob is pulled up, the guitar glows green (this effect can be seen on the Homepage). The tuner heads are also made of material to match the body, and crown a 5pc Jem Prestige neck with a rosewood board and pearl/abalone tree of life inlay. The body is equipped with DiMarzio Trans Jem pickups. You can see more of the guitar on Ibanez's new website.

    Ibanez is also releasing a second new Jem - in black! The Jem77V is a companion of sorts to the Universe 777VBK, and features a black basswood body with pearl binding, mirror pickguard, DiMarzio Breed pickups and a tree of life inlay on a rosewood board. You can see this guitar here.

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