Connors-Krickstein (1991 US Open Tennis 4R): TV Excellence!

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    The 1991 US Open's Men's Singles tournament produced many exciting moments including a 1st round upset of favorite Andre Agassi by upstart Aaron Krickstein, and a 5-set victory by Jimmy Connors over upstart Patrick McEnroe (younger brother of Connors' old rival John McEnroe).

    The 4th round matchup between Connors and Krickstein produced a 5-set thriller which is the most watched tennis game (replayed, etc.) of all time.

    The final score was 3-6, 7-6(8), 1-6, 6-3,7-6(4). That's two tie-break sets!

    Connors is a legend in men's tennis and an American icon, and Krickstein reminded everyone why televised sports is never predictable in the open-era.

    When I think of this game, I think about the general fanfare surrounding sports in the age of television, and I think of my favorite media-themed intrigue films such as Videodrome and Switching Channels!


    CONNORS: Bottom line is I won...
    KRICKSTEIN: No one expected our match-up to be so heated, though!
    CONNORS: Yes, you really stepped up as a young man, and I was impressed...
    KRICKSTEIN: Do you think our match-up will be weighed heavier than Stich-Becker (Wimbledon)?
    CONNORS: Oh yeah, our 5-set thriller is the standard replay for networks during rain-delays.
    KRICKSTEIN: They really should make a movie about our 1991 US Open match!
    CONNORS: Yes, Tom Cruise should portray me, and Orlando Bloom should portray you...
    KRICKSTEIN: I'll tell Tom before he gets too old!


    Krickstein-Connors (US Open Report)


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