Comparing Fiscal Cliff Talks To Beached Whale Dispute At Malibu, CA--Stinky, Stinky!

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    So a giant whale beached at Malibu and died. Now all the neighbors are unable to agree on just who gets to do whatever comes next(?)! The Republicans, in contrast, mainly got Senator DeMint to resign, from whatever he does, And let the Speaker of the House, and the President: Try to agree on just what gets done about whatever it is that comes next(?)! Modern people actually drill for oil, now, in these matters.

    Beached whale corpse is gigantic problem in Malibu - The Denver Post

    And House GOP rep Cantor: Wasn't invited to be a party at either location(?). . .possibly to highlight the compare and contrast. . .especially as the Moslems, likely see it.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Maybe send in great herd of prairie stallions--maybe as a dowry, or something--regarding just exactly what nobody knows anything about(?)!)
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