Comp. Immg. Reform; Obama’s Amnesty invitation to Illegal Aliens.

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    Comp. Immg. Reform; Obama’s Amnesty invitation to Illegal Aliens.

    If you get past border patrol agents at the border you can stay, I will put you on a path to citizenship, educate your children, give welfare assistance, etc and they keep coming and we keep spending millions trying to stop them at the border when enforcement would stop them. Two border patrols chasing 30 Illegal Aliens across the desert is in vain and costly joke. As long as they keep getting the invitations they will keep coming and the border will never be secure. The 1986 amnesty gave out 20 million invitations. And the most baffling thing about this invitation is that Black leaders are on board knowing that Illegal Aliens displace Blacks overwhelmingly in the work force and is the major cause of unemployment and crime rate of Blacks in the inner cities.

    There will be Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a path to citizenship before the 2016 election and both parties will compete with how much they can offer Illegal Aliens for Hispanic votes. The winners the Illegal Aliens and the losers are Americans and their families. Obama claim he speaks and acts on behalf of the American people and what they want but he has failed to listen on illegal immigration. The American people overwhelmingly oppose any kind of amnesty.

    Public Opinion Polls on Immigration | Federation for American Immigration Reform

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