Common sense, laws of physics and my granddaughter

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    My 12 year old granddaughter KNOWS that texting while driving is not smart, but on further discussion I NOW know why upcoming generations are in danger!

    I was telling her how I heard a ditzy radio personality say
    "well if Florida has a law against texting and driving I guess I'll Obey it"!!!

    What about if there is no law against texting and driving?

    So I explained to my granddaughter the "physics" of why texting while driving is so stupid and NO law of man can supercede a law of physics!

    It is called "common sense". It is called being educated as to how things i.e. physics, your body works.
    I pointed out how by the time a car traveling at 30 mph that means the car covers 44 feet in one second.
    So when someone reading a text looks up sees a car 4 car lengths ahead applying brakes the "texting idiot someone WILL NOT BE ABLE to stop!

    My granddaughter UNDERSTOOD THAT!

    Again.. common sense and showing kids the practical consequences IS NOT being taught!

    Again.. why are younger generations SO anxious to have more laws,regulations when almost all of these laws,regulations COST MORE money to regulate then IF the same money was spent EDUCATING people to have common sense!

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