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Discussion in 'Politics' started by AVG-JOE, May 18, 2011.

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    The Republicans have proposed a reasonable, albeit campaign-contributor friendly, bill to open up access to some of the resources that (insert your preferred Deity here) saw fit to hide under the North American rug for us to find. Resources that I might add are currently fetching a premium price in the world market-place, and lets face it - We, The Peeps are, shall we say..... broke.

    "Drill Baby Drill!"​

    That's what AMERICAN Republicans are supposed to do. Nice job, R's.

    AMERICAN Democrats are NOT supposed respond with 32 x 60 posters of burning oil wells while speaking nobly on the merits of a world with baby seals, stating emphatically that it can't be done. Sounds like whining. AMERICANS don't whine.

    We're Americans, not Americant's.

    Please don't pull that "just say no" crap - not when 'things' are the way they are now. Have you SEEN the price of a gallon?!? :eek:

    American Democrats are supposed to complete the bill by FIXING it:

    "Drill baby drill. Carefully. And if you fuck something up, you WILL be responsible for it. Contractors submitting bids should also factor in that We, The People WILL receive market valued compensation for the resources harvested."​

    AMERICAN Democrats need to be willing to take some risk, same as AMERICAN Republicans need to be willing to consider costs other than those measured in dollars.

    This isn't rocket science....

    Come ON fuckers - this 'one side must win and one side must lose' bullshit is getting boring.


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