Columbia Mag: 'What Racism?'

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    What if the sun ceased to rise in the east, ....
    What if telemarketers didn’t call during dinner…
    What if an Ivy League university opened a conversation based on racism being over.

    OK…my heart rate is settling back to the normal range…but when I opened the latest Columbia University alum magazine, Fall 2011, and read the letter to the editor, prominently placed on page three, entitled “Racism? What Racism?,” I found the following:

    “Manning Marable thought the black elite do not discuss the problems of the ‘underclass’ because in doing so they would be forced to confront the common
    realities of that underlie the totality of America’s social and economic order
    . ( “A Message for the World,” Living Black History: Manning Marable's Message for the World | Summer 2011 | Columbia Magazine). After 40 years of civil-rights legislation, affirmative action, and minority set-asides, at a time when African Americans play a prominent role in the sports and entertainment industries and can be found at every level of government, from state legislatures to the highest offices of the land (not just president, but national security adviser and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), blaming racism for the problems of the underclass is not very convincing
    (emphasis mine)

    Columbia? They published this?

    "...blaming racism for the problems of the underclass is not very convincing."

    You know what Barack Obama will say when he sees this… “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played …But I think it’s fair to say, that the Columbia magazine acted stupidly!”

    Man, what a tough time to be a Liberal.

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