College Planning Seminar

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    Parents of High School
    Rising Juniors and Seniors
    You are invited to a FREE College Planning Session
    “How to Choose the Best College for Your Student and Your Pocketbook”
    This is an information-packed session for parents of college bound students. The session will focus on high school Juniors & Seniors, but all grade levels are welcome, so bring your kids along. Now is the time for families to begin the process for this critical decision!


    In this 1½ hour session you will learn:
    * How students should select the colleges to which they will apply
    * How a life vision, career ideas and relevant majors can help find college matches
    * Important ways to increase your student’s chances of getting into their dream college
    * What colleges are looking for now and how they decide among the applicants
    * How to position your student to get substantial financial aid from the colleges
    * The 7 questions to ask colleges before your student applies
    * Why it is possible to attend a private college at a public college price
    * How procrastination can needlessly cost your family thousands of dollars
    * Ways to use knowledge and time to overcome feeling lost and lower your stress
    Come learn the details about how many families have found ways for their kids to attend the best colleges without wiping out their wealth
    Reservations is required, so reserve your seat now
    Visit the website and click on the “College Planning Seminar” button to see what others are saying

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