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    Ok , I am a guy that is trying to improve his look / sex appeal.

    Though I currently don't know what people find the most attractive now adays.

    So I just want your opinion mostly girls (hot ones but any ones don't matter) and guys to doesn't matter either.

    Me personally I dislike being to formal like suit and tie most of the time.
    Me personal I don't really care for that business look and similar women's business clothes are definitely not likely to a track me to them anymore then a nice pair of tie sweat pants and a sweat shirt ... or shorts / T shirt ,...etc the common stuff.

    Though for most women style might play more of a role then does it for most men. Duno probably differs with women as well.

    Please post picks / links / comments on what you think is the most attractive clothing ( as well as what you think is the most attractive clothing + comfortable as well )
    I am trying to get a range of what the majority peoples tastes are in.

    For underwear I have to say bikini briefs or silk boxers those are my favorite they feel nice and comfortable as well.

    Socks are socks I like the low cut white ones but the high cut ones aren't bad from time to time in a pinch ( some times I go with the color ones but never had to much value into sock fashion)

    T-shirts are T-shirts don't care if they are V cut or others but maybe people have preferences on these again I haven't given this part of clothing to much thought since it is usually never seen anyway

    Thanks for any help
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