Circle Is Complete- Obama not only embraces Bush policies,butcopies his speeches too

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    Talk about bitter clinging…

    Barack Obama has not only embraced his predecessor’s policies on Gitmo, Iraq, Afghanistan, expanded military trials, Af-Pak strikes…

    But, now he’s stealing lines from the former president’s speeches.

    Listen for yourself.

    Obama closed Friday’s remarks by saying, “I’ve taken this decision with the confidence that action is necessary, and that we will not be acting alone. Our goal is focused. Our cause is just. And our coalition is strong.” Nearly a decade earlier, when President George W. Bush announced that U.S. forces were launching military strikes in Afghanistan, Bush said: “To all the men and women in our military … I say this: Your mission is defined. Your objectives are clear. Your goal is just.” Bush used similar wording in other remarks at the time.

    Also on Friday, Obama said, “The United States did not seek this outcome. Our decisions have been driven by Qaddafi’s refusal to respect the rights of his people and the potential for mass murder of innocent civilians.”
    On Oct. 7, 2001, Bush said of operations in Afghanistan, “We did not ask for this mission, but we will fulfill it. … We defend not only our precious freedoms, but also the freedom of people everywhere to live and raise their children free from fear.”
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