China Fires A Salvo At US Autos

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    This is an interesting story for several reasons...
    a. Why didn't the press trumpet the fact that China is imposing a 22% tax on US auto imports?
    b. If you read the entire story, it actually represents one of the rare positive foreign policy steps of this administration.
    c. I consider posting this as an exercise in self-discipline on my part, and, painful as these words are.... Bravo Obama

    1. The Chinese government increased trade tensions with the Obama">Obama administration on Wednesday evening by unexpectedly imposing anti-dumping and anti-subsidy tariffs on imports of sport utility vehicles and midsize and large cars from the United States.

    2. The new tariffs, totaling up to nearly 22 percent of the import prices, would probably have a mainly symbolic function, rather than reducing the already skimpy sales of such vehicles in China.

    3. Other tariffs and taxes already in place have limited sales of U.S. imports by helping raise their retail prices by about three times what the same cars and SUVs sell for in the U.S.

    4. ...firing a trade volley at U.S. exports of automobiles, one of the most politically sensitive industries in international trade, can only escalate trade hostilities...

    5. The duties would mainly affect General Motors,...

    6. ...Chinese government agencies and companies have been furious about a current U.S. investigation into whether Chinese exports of solar panels to the United States might have received illegal subsidies or been dumped in the American market...

    7. ...China’s existing 25 percent import tariff for all family vehicles.... import tariff is much higher than those of other big auto manufacturing nations. get ready for this revelation:

    8. Chinese officials have struggled over how confrontational a stance to take now that the Obama">Obama administration has begun to challenge Chinese trade policies more aggressively.
    China imposes new tariffs on some vehicles from the U.S. - Taiwan News Online

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