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    All up in arms about Chavez? Just remember any GOOD Left winger would gladly restrict, remove and deny rights, privileges and activities for " the good" of all. Of course generally when in power those lost rights are NOT lost to those doing "the Good" deed.

    Why you ask? Well of course it is for our own good. Leftoids believe they know whats best and would gladly curtail by legislation or force any right or privilege that they thought was not handled well by the masses, all to again "protect" us from ourselves.

    The rest of us are just to stupid and incompetent to run our own lives, we need the super smart left winger to "take care" of us for our own good. And it is only fair, since they are doing this for us, that they not lose the same rights and privileges, after all THEY can handle them.

    Now don't confuse the majority of people that vote for left wing politicians as actually being left wingers, most are bought off by some sort of bribe or payment. They may believe in general, the policy of the left but they sure are not going to be exempted from those "good for us" measures unless they are actually leaders or in the right caste.

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