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    Just suppose your neighborhood was invaded by terrorists and they were shooting at your front windows from across the street and you heard a knock on the back door would you rather open the door and findÂ…?

    A. A conceited wimp who writes for the New York Times with a bottle of white wine in his hand.

    B. Sarah Palin with a couple of 50 caliber Barrett assault rifles and plenty of ammo.

    If you were on a remote road on the Mexican border and were surrounded by a gang of Drug Cartel thugs who would you rather have watching your back?

    A. Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano and a cadre of Justice Department lawyers.

    B. Bubba and a bunch of his hunting buddies who can knock a gnat's eye out at a hundred yards.

    If you were sitting on an airplane and several suspicious looking characters clothed in white robes and head gear started getting belligerent with the crew, who had you rather have sitting next to you?

    A. An ACLU lawyer with a master's degree from Harvard.

    B. An ex Navy SEAL with an attitude and a degree in hand to hand combat.

    If you answered A to any of the above questions you may as well stop reading because you're not going to understand the rest of the column anyway.

    People, we have been sending a pekapoo to fight with a pit bull. We've been trying to fix a hole in the dam with bubble gum. We've been taking a knife to a gunfight.

    In the War on Terror, dealing with the narco terrorists on our southern border, dealing the lunatics in Iran and in so many other situations, we are using a celery stalk when we should be using a sledgehammer.

    Does anybody actually think that the sanctions the United Nations have put on Iran are going to keep them from building a nuclear bomb and sharing it with the terrorists they control and support, not to mention deploying it against Israel?

    Is anybody naive enough to think that we'll ever win the war in Afghanistan without letting the military do their job, politics be damned?

    Does anybody even imagine that what's going on in Mexico is anything less than a violent army of merciless punks on the verge of taking over that whole country that, whether they will admit it or not, the Mexican government needs help in eradicating this scourge and a few American Special Forces personnel would work wonders in that situation?

    Hugo Chavez, that belligerent little pimp, needs a good head slapping or at the very least a well publicized tongue-lashing. He needs his arrogant little mouth washed out with lye soap and Hillary Clinton sure ain't going to do it, but I'll bet you Ollie North would.

    Somebody needs to stand up to Iran and tell them that there is no way in the world that they'll be allowed to develop a nuclear device and Barack Obama ain't about to be that bold, but left to his own devices I bet you General David Petreas would.

    People, we need some loud brash voices that have the nerve to identify the catastrophic problems this nation is facing and the guts and ability to follow up the words with whatever action is necessary to do something to solve the situation.

    We are not going to come out of this economic emergency this nation is facing without some mutually shared pain.

    It's going to take across the board cuts, slaughtering sacred cows, swimming upstream and touching all the third rails of national politics.

    Everybody knows this has to happen but nobody is willing to give voice to it and until they do we'll just keep tripping down the primrose path to chaos.

    We have some very hard and very immediate problems to deal with and I'm just not sure we've got the people in place to handle them.

    Never send a boy... oh well, you know the rest.

    What do you think?

    Pray for our troops, and for our country.

    God Bless America

    Charlie Daniels
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    if you were a frightened, paranoid ,racist ready to surrender liberty for security.....

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