Challenger, Gray & Christmas: "You Are Better Off, Including Just Since last Year!"

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    Millions of Refugees in nations bordering Iraq are likely now not better off than they were even 14 years ago. RNC failed even to mention that the dead from Afghanistan are pretty much in the same predicament(?)!

    Lay-off announcements, however, are down 37% from just the month of August, in 2011.

    Planned Job Cuts Down to 20-Month Low: Challenger - US Business News - CNBC

    New Claims for unemployment insurance have dropped dramatically from the exploding rates just barely commencing, only four years ago.

    Still, The Republicans were again--only four years ago--on the brink of sending even more money to the already prosperous, under TARP.

    Some people will just never been any better off(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Romney-Ryan have likely conceded that Wall Street Bankers are really not as well off now as they were about to become: Only Four Years Ago!)
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