CDZ Chain deportations and the anti vaccination crowd

Discussion in 'Clean Debate Zone' started by Toronado3800, Aug 30, 2018.

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    I think we have an opportunity here under a pragmatic president to keep the world moving forward. Personally I'm not super excited about new vaccinations but once they've been out and "tested on the public" for a decade or so I'm on board. My longer term view of our situations as human beings allows me to see the good in vaccines also. In the past folks died of all kinds of vaccine eradicated diseases.

    Our era may be known as the "good enough for the team to be an American" era. I say deport the un-vaccinated children and their parents with them and allow that many extra vaccinated folks in from other countries.

    Economically we don't need these non team players to start a polio epidemic or one of the MMR's back up.

    What would be a contemporary way of wording it for dramatic effect....we are all better off with vaccinated kids, no more special than the rest snow flakes allowed in America! We're all created equal.

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