CFO's Support Contention "Private Sector Is Doing Fine!"

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    Separately, more for the economics section, Midwestern Catholic nuns are commencing a protest tour of Republican Office Holders, protesting the Romney Brand. GOP is historically markets unfriendly, even having caused the unfriendly market that led the poor and middle incomes into the giant foreclosure crisis, pre-Obama. The nuns are opposed to markets unfriendly, GOP!

    But equally, CFO's are increasingly confident about the private sector!

    2012 CFO Outlook Spring Update | Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    How can this be in America, anyone needs to ask(?)! Increasingly, anyone would say, the private sector is past all GOP in America. That was Bush-Cheney! That was the Romney-Brand in play back then! Famously, even in the last week: The GOP leadership could try to suggest that the CFO's and CEO's had all blown it big time!

    Analysts and commentators--CNN, CNBC, Fantasize-Along-With-Fox-TV-News, and of course the Wall Street Journal--were of the universal opinion that private sector CEO's, and CFO's, were worse off now than they were four years ago!

    Separately, But Equally: Anyone Ivy League knows better than that!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!'
    (Surely anyone knows that our, "New Look," reservation indians even know about the tables, over near the bus kitchen door(?)!)
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