"Cell"fish Behavior

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    After reading this article, my wife told me about a recent trip to a department store to check out an advertised item. When she found the display, there were two women with children talking on their cell phones directly in front of the display blocking others' view or means of inspection, and they stayed there for about a half hour chatting on their cell phones before finally moving on. Sounds like normal behavior for people on cell phones to me. I know I have had similar experiences at Christmas time.

    "Cell"fish Behavior
    Tiny, go-everywhere telephones let us be ruder than ever
    By Abe Aamidor, The Indianapolis Star
    July 6, 2006

    There she was, at the checkout counter in a downtown drugstore, talking on her cell phone. When the cashier offered her change and a plastic bag with her purchase, the woman momentarily acknowledged the cashier with a look, and then continued speaking into the phone. Customers in line behind her had to wait a little longer for her to be on her way.

    Call it cell phone proliferation, or perhaps chronic cellular disorder -- CCD for short? With nearly 200 million Americans now using cell phones regularly -- and cell phone companies offering billions and billions of "free" minutes daily --it's no wonder that Americans are starting to seriously annoy one other.

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