Celebrities Support A Myriad of Worthwhile Causes

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    Long article but quite interesting.

    July 13, 2005
    Stars Align to Support a Universe of Causes
    Behind every charity, there's an impassioned celebrity.

    Health issues that benefit from star power:

    • Colorectal cancer: Katie Couric, in honor of her late husband.

    • Parkinson's disease: Michael J. Fox, Holly Robinson Peete.

    • Febrile neutropenia: Rob Lowe, about the infections and low white-blood-cell counts that can plague patients undergoing chemotherapy. His father suffered from it during treatment for lymphoma, but Lowe was paid by a pharmaceutical company to discuss it.

    • Autism: quarterback Doug Flutie, whose son is autistic.

    • Paralysis: Christopher Reeve's family.

    • Hodgkin's disease: hockey player Mario Lemieux, who has the disease

    • HIV/AIDS: Magic Johnson, who is HIV positive; Elton John; Elizabeth Taylor; Jackie Chan.

    • Cystic fibrosis: Celine Dion.

    • Rett Syndrome: Julia Roberts, who befriended a fan with the neurological disorder, seen almost exclusively in women.

    • Bone marrow disease: Mia Hamm.

    • Multiple sclerosis: Montel Williams, who has the disease.

    • Hepatitis C: Naomi Judd, who has the disease.

    • Alcoholism: Betty Ford, who has the disease.

    • Alzheimer's disease: "Star Trek's" Kate Mulgrew, whose mother has Alzheimer's.

    • Special Olympics: Arnold Schwarzenegger (mother-in-law Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded the organization).

    By Mark Schwed
    Cox News Service

    Tom Cruise's rant against antidepressants produced enough news copy to overstuff a landfill.

    Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn't like that. The actor is a fierce environmentalist who putts around L.A. in an electric golf cart and hybrid car, railing against pollution, global warming and cruise ships that dump garbage offshore.

    Pierce Brosnan stumps for dolphin-free tuna. Pamela Anderson hates fur, lambskin condoms and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    These days, it's hard to turn on a TV or open a magazine without hearing some celebrity discussing a cause or crusade.

    Some do it for very personal reasons.

    for full article:

    If url does not work go to http://www.indystar.com, then click on Indiana Living in left-hand column; when this section comes up, this article should be fifth one listed.

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