CDC admits rapidly changing situation victims seen shaking uncontrollably on hospital beds dead bod

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    CDC Admits 'Rapidly Changing Situation, Victims seen shaking uncontrollably on hospital beds, Dead bodies seen in halls, Stocks plunge from fear
    (Western Journal) – A regional virus outbreak in China has morphed into a global scare that now threatens countries all across the world. Cases in America have skyrocketed, with 22 states now being monitored by the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC is watching a total of 63 potential instances of the Wuhan virus across the nearly two dozen states, CNBC reports. So far, only two cases have been confirmed in America — in Washington state and Illinois. The CDC has not identified what other states might be impacted. Officials are expecting a spike in cases as symptoms from potential infections manifest. READ MORE

    oh well just hide the chit so nobody knows about it all the weak will die anyway because weak minded dumb asses think it's all just blown up lmfao........out of proportion. Go dance in the streets filled with shit let us know how well it all works out for you dumbasses living in lala land.

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