Catastrophic Medical Insurance

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    DBlack, this thread's topic is “Catastrophic medical insurance”. (Such expenses are generally due to accidents or “acts of G-d”).

    My concerns are for catastrophic medical costs increases the costs and prices of medical insurers. Anything increasing medical insurers costs and prices, reduce the proportion of our population lacking aqueduct medical insurance.

    Catastrophic medical costs are a substantial proportion of medical costs that contributed to bankruptcies. I agree with you that medical debts should not be of prioritized concern with regard to bankruptcies.

    I'm among those advocating federal government legally and openly assuming all catastrophic medical costs because effectively our governments now do bear almost all such uninsured costs; such costs increases of insurers' costs and prices do in turn increase the proportion of our population lacking aqueduct medical insurance.

    If Congress succeeds to effectively eliminate or cripple the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, it will not remedy this problem. Shifting some expenses from government and taxpayers to purchasers of medical insurance is not a cure; government is among the greatest direct or indirect funder of all USA medical insurance.

    Federal financial responsibility for catastrophic medical costs is in our best interests regardless of any creditable proposals for our nation's current and future medical policies and practices.

    Respectfully, Supposn

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