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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Yurt, Dec 23, 2005.

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    Happy Ramadan my fellow posters:


    I mean Happy Holidays fellow posters:


    I want to wish you all a merry, merry christmas. :)

    I have been dealing with call centers in the past few days (customer service, reservations, plane, car, trains, and automobiles :) ) and I just got an american, nice lady/girl on the phone (verizon wireless, rock on) and the difference was astronomical. I was ticked at Verizon (why i called) and instead of being ticked and having to speak to someone who wasn't quite sure what I was saying, oh maybe the "words" but not "what" I was really saying to someone whom I was able to chat with about weather (I know, but admit it, it's great to talk about..) the season, the holidays..

    I immediately was shocked at how when I got off the phone with her, problem resolved; as with the other non fluent english speakers as well, however, my feeling was of more loyalty to the company's representative with whom I have had contact.

    Face time? That is business. What is up with this business of having near robots answer your phone? That speak a prompter in front of them. Ever had the same answer repeated to you when you have asked different questions? :bye1:

    I hope this country doesn't completely outsource who we are... though knowing that in some instances, it is viable. I just think that the differences between the two people are not just simply economical, because the economical dollars of my "loyalty" to verizon because of the great customer service and the fact she was american, are not measured precisely in current dollars, rather an estimate on "customer goodwill," but in the long run I believe the goodwill win out from any dollar savings by hiring almost non english speakers to handle the corporations problems.

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