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    Hey everyone.

    Its about time to start the general election. The Democrat primary will be over soon. Kerry has probably won although if Edwards does well next week it could be tight. But whoever wins it doesnt matter. What matters is we reelect President Bush. We may not agree with everything he has done, But he has done a remarkable job for what he has been given.

    He has liberated two countries from tyrannical regimes and terrorist control.

    He has been rebuilding the military and intelligence communities that Clinton and Kerry slashed.

    Passed the largest Education bill to date.

    Supported an Ammendment to protect marriage.

    Turned the Clinton recession around despite having the Corporate scandals that happened during the 90s and the economic fall out from 911

    Reduced taxes for everyone who pays them.

    Appointed judges who will uphold the Constitution and and obey the law.

    I just volenteered for the campaign. If anyone else wants to join me let me know and ill get you some information. We just have to ask ourselves three things. Since Kerry is the front runner ill assume he is the Candidate for this.

    1)Do we want Kerry, a man who after his return from Vietnam sought to weaken our military, who took the wrong side on the cold war, voted to slash the intelligence community, and wants to get permission from the UN to defend ourselves running the war on terro? or do we want President Bush who has continually proven that he is willing to make tough decisions for whats best for the country and the world, has liberated two nations, strengthened our military, shown the dicators of the world that we will back up our words and is not afraid to risk his political career for whats right for America running the war on terror?

    2)Do we want Kerry, (or really any liberal democrat), a man who has voted to the LEFT of Ted Kennedy, someone who refused to denounce the activist judges from the left and someone who opposes the appointment of judges because of their religious beliefs and race appointing judges in this country? Or do we want Bush, who has made amazing appointments, to continue to make appointments? We are seeing what activists judges are doing right now. We are seeing how Democrats are refusing to enforce the law. We have seen how the Florida Surpreme court, the 9th Circuit court, and the New Jersey Supreme court have refused to acknowledges the laws of the people. This is a serious problem because if the law is not followed, then our Constitution will have no protection.

    Closely along at this we see how the Democrat Attorney General is refusing to enforce California state law. How these civil servants are refusing to follow the laws, and forcing a minority opinion onto people. This is one reason why we need to Reelect President Bush. We need to stop these people from breaking the law.

    3)Bush will push to let Americans keep their money. Government already takes a third of our money. Even God himself only asks for a tenth. Do we want the tax cuts to remain in effect and for more tax relief to be passed or do we want to get taxed higher and watch our economy sink into the sewers?

    These are three strong issue. There are more. I could have added marriage protection as a separate issue. pro life, etc. This is why need Bush to stay in power, because John kerry or Edward will not help and in fact do the exact opposite on all of these issues. Liberalism needs to be defeated once and for all. So I hope you will all go out and vote for the right choice. And if you are interested in volenteering let me know.

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