Bush & the Three Stooges: Harry, Ben & Carl

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    Bush and the Three Stooges
    By Dave Weinbaum, Jewish World Review
    December 21, 2005

    As I got home from co-hosting a local TV show this morning, I turned on the news and saw three of the most pathetic, word parsing, defeatist, petty diatribes in the history of man. It seems as if the Three Stooges had come back as Democratic Senators Harry (Moe), Ben (Larry), and Carl (Curly).

    One after another they droned on about the doom and destruction that could result from the Iraqi elections. Our president suggested the Iraqis change their constitution instead of DEMANDING they should, as Carl insisted. Minority Senate whiner, Harry "Bush is a Loser" Reid, said, "Judging by the last three Iraq speeches, the president is still not focused on what needs to be done in convincing the American people and showing the American people what his plan is in Iraq."

    I was thinking to myself, the President must have given a kick-butt speech for Senators Harry, Ben and Carl to be so downtrodden. Then, to my shock, the President STARTED his speech. They were pre-criticizing a speech that hadn't even been given yet! This gives new meaning to hindsight.

    There are times in everyone's life that are water-shed moments. This, ladies and gentlemen, could have been Dubya's greatest. Oh, my gosh, what a masterful dialogue, arguably the best of his Presidency. "We cannot and will not leave Iraq until victory is achieved!" "…our goal in Iraq has not changed: a free and democratic Iraq. I strongly believe a democratic Iraq is a crucial part of our strategy to defeat the terrorists."

    This in contrast to the frowning negative dolts that now proudly take no position yet pummel the president with worthless drivel that would demoralize Michael Jackson left free to frolic in a day care center, much less our brave troops facing peril.

    While trying to tear the president down, they thrust the President's message forward by contrast. The world could easily fathom who was in charge--and more importantly--who should be in charge. Forget about Bush being deficit challenged, border ignoring, a semi-successful Supreme Court appointer. Bush came into his own during this the fourth speech of what should be many more, until the end of his reign.

    Please, Dubya, NO MORE SABATICALS FROM THE REASONS OR THE SUCCESSES OR FAILURES WE ARE HAVING IN THE WORLD IN GENERAL AND IRAQ IN PARTICULAR! Communication may be the vessel to carry us over these rough waters, and those whitecaps are the shameless shams in the Democrat party who seem to relish bad news--ours--not the enemy's.

    I don't want to question the motives of all Democrats, but WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY THINKING? Do they know how stupid and negative they look to the average…..Democrat? Here's some advice for loyal, honest, American Democrats. If the world's a stage, choose not to be a stooge. Get out while you still can.

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    I can only address Hary Reid...Being that he is a 'Mormon Elder'...I find it amusing as many other Nevadians do that he continually embarrasses us..
    He really should attend his Mormon Church services more and a little less of the DNC parties...I truly believe based on conversations with many Nevadians that Harry is his last term as Senator...He is really becomming senile and rants just to rant...makes no sense whatsoever!

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