BP Showing The Way On What Is Needed!

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    Elsewhere noted is that the Gulf Coast, "Entrepreneurial Spirt," of the "Reagan Trajectory," wants more drilling for oil, in the Gulf of Mexico.

    So how does an Obama Administration proceed with that?

    1) Back-up emergency diversion or shut-off systems at the sea floor(?). The other ones, BP shows, didn't work.
    2) Federally funded emergency clean-up systems and flotilla. BP shows that even the most profitable of companies: Cannot bring the great Socialist, Emergency forces to bear rapidly, even at all(?)!
    3) A U. S. Federally managed emergency Gulf Spill relief fund, from a surtax on royalty amounts. BP shows that settlement amounts work. Below it shows another source.
    4) A U. S. Federally managed R&D Insitutiute for the creation of spill and other disaster relief technology, could be included from the surcharge. BP was actually doing this post-event, funded on its own, likely requiring a more coordinated, tehnological, approach. The U. S. governmnent itself: Had been letting out the leases without any preservative, relief measues or concepts of its own. No attempt at high-tech coordination of technocrats, seems to have even been tried at all.

    5) Then there is this new idea, from BP:

    BP to Donate Net Revenue from MC252 Well | Press release | BP

    Actually, for all its public relations spending, anyone sensible starts to notice that mostly the BP, Public Relations Press Agents: Seem to have all the new ideas, regarding future disaster prevention and relief--and any future drilling in what anyone might call--more thei BP actual environment, than that of any of the actual Gulf Nations--who don't care! The U.S. National Environmentalists don't have these concepts.

    The President of the United States intends a jack-boot to the arse of the CEO in charge of having done the right thing already--consistently, and time-and-again, even! Her Majesty, Herself, may actually come up with a knighthood kind of honor, instead, for the BP, CEO. That would not be conferred on most active personnel of the U. S. federal government, clearly enough shown. Anyone might wonder if permission to enter legally, especially of the analysts, commentators, and press corps, could even be permitted: Including for large sements of the U. S. Population at large--at war included!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Anyone guesses that this new young President: Is somehow unaccustomed to the more diplomatic, socially progressive, forward-thinking, and more easily rational tradition of Her Majesty's people, unlike a younger President, long ago. England goes to sleep, when it is tired. The Colonies seem to require medication, by contrast! The Great Civil Right to A Pittance, can be said to originate. . . . .well, people do know about Due Process for the rich, even in The Colonies!)
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