Boston Tea party?

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    I recently received the following email:

    “Government continues to dominate the American taxpayer’s budget,” said Tax Foundation president Scott Hodge. “Americans will still spend more on taxes in 2008 than they will spend on food, clothing and housing combined.”
    In 2008, Americans will work 74 days to afford their federal taxes and 39 more days to pay state and local taxes. Meanwhile, buying food requires 35 days of work, clothing 13 days, and housing 60 days. Other major categories are health and medical care (50 days), transportation (29 days), and recreation (21 days)
    Tired of this?
    Remember the Boston Tea Party?
    Make a stand! Become a part of the American Tax Revolution. This is an unorganized call for all Americans to stop paying all taxes they have control of. Since most of you have your money stolen from you before you get it, there is another way your voice can be heard. Stop paying your property taxes.
    On November 1, 2009 millions of Americans are going to mail in the mortgage payment less the property tax amount. We recommend you add a letter specifying you are paying only your principal, interest and insurance and that you wish to pay your taxes separately and on your own.
    Over the coming year leading up to this tax revolution an organization will be formed. The organization will demand four changes from congress. Until these demands are met, millions of Americans will refuse to pay property taxes. The demands are as follows:
    1. Eliminate the royal dictatorship-Term limits for congress and the senate. 4 years congress - 8 years senate. If this is good enough for the president, it is good enough for congress. Many of the existing congressmen have served longer than Hitler served Germany.
    2. Eliminate income taxes and the IRS. Implement a sales tax in its place.
    3. Make any kind of lobbying a crime. No more pay for play. No more congressional payoffs for favors.
    4. Establish fund to pay campaign costs for future congressional candidates. Each party shall be given an equal amount for each candidate and this is all they can legally spend on their campaign. No more representation only by the rich and famous. No more buying Washington influence.
    Please forward this message on to every person you know. Remember - this is an unorganized grassroots effort. The more people that read this message, the more successful this effort will be.

    The American Tax Revolution

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