‘Big funky house cat’ turns out to be wild

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    SANTA CRUZ — A good Samaritan thought she was rescuing a "funky-looking house cat" that she spotting lying stunned along Highway 1 on Tuesday afternoon.

    She’s lucky the cat was too out of it to move. The "funky" kitty turned out to be a bobcat with sharp claws and ¾ -inch fangs.

    The 9.8-pound, 20-inch-long creature had been hit by a car near Wilder Ranch State Park, according to Dr. Dave Shuman, owner of Westside Animal Hospital.

    The unidentified rescuer took the young female cat to the animal hospital, where it was put under anesthesia, given fluids and medicine to reduce brain swelling.

    Shuman said the rescuer was taken aback when she found out exactly what she’d just put in her car.

    "She said, ‘I thought it looked kinda strange,’ " Shuman said. "I don’t think she quite understood that if it had woken up in her car, she would have had to run out of her car.""

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    Whoa, imagine that kitty waking up in your back seat.
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    that's awesome! Me, I would love a Panther! I think they are beautiful animals.

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