Better Living Through....Surgery?

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    InsideTech, a blog on, has a fascinating story of an effort to evade immigration laws:

    Lin Rong, a Chinese national, loved Japan. After all, there were no beatdowns of employees that lost iPhones, not as many internet addiction camps, and no great firewall to censor her internet behavior. However, she unfortunately overstayed her visa and was deported.

    Determined to return, Ms. Rong underwent a rare, but increasingly popular advanced medical procedure to remove her fingerprints on one hand and graft on those of the other hand. As fingerprints are unique and typically scanned from one hand, the technique is becoming popular in China as a method of eluding biometric scanning devices.

    Eventually, though, she was identified despite the surgery that made both hands appear identical to the fingerprint reader.

    It seems two rights do make a Rong.

    Crazy: Woman Has Fingerprint Surgery, Sneaks Into Japan -

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