Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy or it's too late Now to send Papa Obama Back

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Neotrotsky, Dec 12, 2010.

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    Today we bring good news of the newest magnet school-Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy. No doubt due to the Pork Bill, er... Stimulus er... Jobs Bills, we can expect many of these to be popping up around the country.

    Of course, the questions does become where was this school when Obama needed it or Is it too late to send him there now?

    This promises to be a great educational institution for young men learning to climb the "fast track" to power with little to no experience. Unlike our Federal Prison system where Papa Obama's books were banned due to their radical nature, these great works will be given freely to the students.

    Yes, students will be exposed to the greatest Progressive thinkers of all times. From the early founders like Marx, Engels, [SIZE=-1]Maurice, Kingsley[/SIZE], Lenin, to the more modern Debs and Alinsky, the student will have all the tools they need to help form our Socialist Utopia.

    Of course, like any well rounded education there will be a lot of time devoted to playing sports like Papa Obama's favorite, golf.

    As a Progressive, I do have some concerns about this school's name:

    • Why is it allowed to be segregated by sex?
    If this is based solely on respect to Obama's Muslim heritage then I am OK with this type of diversity as long as it does not support anything Judeo-Christian.

    Even though the school program is still being developed, here is a list of some of the potential curriculum:

    • Inexperience- How to make it work for you
    • Betrayal- when and how to toss ideas & associates "under the bus" to best promote yourself
    • Blame Projection- or Blame Bush 101
    • Numbers- How to make 9% unemployment the new norm
    • Narcissism - how to use self-love for the social good
    • Class/Racial Division- best times and places to use it
    • Teleprompters 101- never leave home without them


    It has come to our attention that in the school district's eagerness to get out the news on this school, they misspelled Papa Obama's name.

    But do not fret comrades, this is not a setback at all- No. In fact, using the the "Obama Way", we can just say, "this must have been the work of some racist radical Republicans taking control of the computer system and making us a hostage" - See how easy....

    The future is bright with schools like this in the works.

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