Baptism, Angels, Communion, Tithing, and Hell are Pagan Beliefs.

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    There were many pagan beliefs added to the new testament writings by the order of the Roman leader, Constantine. Soon after the Roman government killed the last of the saints of the true church of Christ, there were many followers of the saints. The only way to keep these followers from becoming new saints was to deceive them from the gospel the saints were preaching. The new testament was perfect for this deception.

    Constantine and most of the Romans were pagan worshippers who used many of the beliefs the Babylonians used for building up their military. Religion is a great tool to use to grow huge numbers of people and unite them in one mindset. This is much like the military does with it's soldiers today. It's a needed thing because when you go to war, you need to be strong in the mind while everyone around might be dying.

    All the world powers such as Babylonia, Persia-Medes, Greece, Rome, Roman Catholic church and Vatican, England and now the United States have used religion to help create this mindset in it's military. This religious mindset is the beast that Daniel interpreted of King Nebuchanezzar's dreams. We are now seeing the symbolic feet of this beast which is made from iron and clay. The iron describes the Roman Catholic era where they ruled with death if their gospel was resisted.

    The clay part represents the Protestant churches of Christianity that have broken up into thousands of denominations. Clay breaks in many pieces just by dropping it on the ground. Iron is much harder to break as you can see in the Vatican who keeps trying to dominate the world's thinking.

    Pagan's worship their own ideas because of their sins of the flesh. Without the truth in them, they worship false gods and idols they made with their hands. The only thing the true worshippers of God use is their hands to write down the inspired words that God gives them. There's nothing else required unless God commands them to go somewhere and speak the Word for him. God provides a living for his saints so they don't have to work with their hands.

    If you have to walk or drive to a church building, you are headed to a pagan church. If you have a dressed up pastor who gets up front with a Bible or other holy books, you are about to hear lies from a false prophet. If you have artwork, carvings, pictures and altars hanging around in your church, you are worshipping idols. Many churches have water baptisms for babies and adults. These are pagan practices that have nothing to do with God. They are man's ideas to worship and most likely came from Babylonia to prepare their soldiers before they go to war.

    The hell belief is a great way for pagan worshippers to sign up new members into their false religions. By telling people they will go to hell if they don't join, it forces a new recruit to make a decision to join. Billions of people signed up to avoid this hell belief. Communion or Eucharist is the false practice of uniting people's minds into oneness. This gives strength and hope to the members who actually believe they are one with their gods of choice.

    Tithing and offerings was used by the leaders of these religions to gather wealth by convincing their religious members that their gods need the money to spread their beliefs to the rest of the world. They didn't realize God performs miracles for us saints to keep us going. We never have to collect money for God.

    There are other beliefs like the virgin mother, pentecost, triune god, gods flying in the clouds, and angels that are ideas that came from the sinful minds of pagan leaders to further unite their members. All these man-made ideas and beliefs put a very strong image in people's minds that are almost impossible to break. Only the saints understand how powerful this beast is in the minds of religious sinners. They all got killed because of it and I'm next to be killed by this same religious beast.

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