Banks Begruding Opposition To Hoover-Bush-Lincoln Anti-Worker Agenda!

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    "Things Are So Bad That This Looks Good," becomes some new sour grapes new mantra from failed banker agendas, demainding more bailouts and econmic relief(?)!

    News Headlines

    The anti-adult white male agenda, first created in the Party of Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865, was most famously protrayed as Herbert Hoover, leading a non-eixtent recovery. Bush-Cheney first tried two tax cuts for the rich, post-9/11, and so it was back to 1861-1865 again.

    National Organization of Women was not involved: Even again!

    Billion dollar banker bonuses would then be kindly created from the usual Republican-originated, federal deficits: Just like with the anti-minority, Reagan Trajectory: Taking 1861-1865 to the ghetto streets of the urban poor, in gang violence.

    Now the economy is shown to be picking up, after the winter and summer of the natural disasters. Obama-Biden provided more money than Trump!

    And anyone notices that if the Ivy League Obamas, really knew the problems of the poor: Then likely they would have sent in a lot more money!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many Squaws now come to Lands of Many Nations: Hoping to score(?) with one-armed bandits!)

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