"Austerity" A New Word Added To Th Big Lie!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by HUGGY, Jun 17, 2012.

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    "Austerity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/AusterityCached - Similar
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    In economics, austerity refers to a policy of deficit-cutting by lowering spending often via a reduction in the amount of benefits and public services provided."

    You NeoCons are kidding... Right? The Cities, States and Nations made agreements with those they hired to work for them and NOW because they fucked off the money AKA stole it!, ...Gave it to thier suporters, Used it as collateral to financial institutions...OR just pissed it away..NOW claim they have some kind of autority to back out of the deal AFTER the services were rendered by those they hired????

    I have a word for the elected and non elected thieves to chow down on.

    Assassination :An assassination is defined generally as: "to murder (a usually prominent person) by a sudden and/or secret attack, often for political reasons."[1][2] Alternatively, assassination may be defined as "the act of deliberately killing someone, especially a public figure, usually for hire or for political reasons."

    But HUGGY!!!!! That is breaking THE LAW!!!! OH really??? Tell that to the people in Greece that are DYING RIGHT NOW AS YOU READ THIS from medicines that are being withheld that were gauranteed.

    Austerity? Can anybody remember (You pea brained republicans are excused from this demand) Bush calling for the privatisation of Social Security??? Where do you all think your SSI checks would be now if Bush had his way? Would they be half what they are now? Less? HEY!!! It's just AUSTERITY!!!! What's the big DEAL????

    Why don't you ask yourselves if Romney supports AUSTERITY? Don't think it could happen? Not here? My guess is that the Greeks had similar thoughts ten years ago.

    If you are stupid enough to let the big money people tell you, sell you, a fairy tale where only THEY profit from the outcome then you get as you deserve.

    Elections matter people!

    Your thoughts?

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