Auditioning for ISIS in Staten Island

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    The family of 9 yr. Old Jermaine Culver are still awaiting justice a year after he was stabbed repeatedly while walking to school in Staten Island. Someone was seen on a neighbor's home surveillance camera stalking the boy before seizing him from behind, stabbing his neck, back, head and arm. The 9 yr. Old was able to escape his attacker and fled on foot. One news source described the attack as an attempted beheading. Fareed Mumami, has been named as a person of interest in the case. He lived a mere 600 yards from the boys home.

    A source has reported that the NYPD have been prevented from gaining access to Fareed Mumami due to interference by the feds who refuse to cooperate with the investigation. Some investigators believe that it was a jihadist auditioning for ISIS. Five months after the attack, Fareed Mumami was arrested after he was suspected of a plot to blow up New York Times Square. A year later, the Culver family still wait for answers from authorities about justice for their traumatized son who now lives with relatives in Atlanta.

    This is not an isolated case.

    19 yr. Old Brendan Tevlin was gunned down in his vehicle while stopped at a red light in New Jersey. The gun man was identified as Ali Muhammad Brown. After murdering Brendan Tevlin, authorities tracked down Ali Muhammad Brown after he attempted to rob and car jack a motorist in Point Pleasant. Brown has also been charged with the murder of two people in Seattle. He is a registered sex offender for crimes against a 6 yr. Old girl.

    The Muslim jihadist claims that his murderous rampage was an act of punishment, a protest against the US Government for its foreign policies.

    According to some, this is yet another case of misclassified crimes. There is a fear that the knife intifada happening in Israel is beginning to happen in America now. While the Obama administration has voiced agreement with the Black Lives Matter movement, it appears to be conditional. Jermaine Culver has not garnered the same attention from the Obama Administration that Trayvon Martin has. There appears to be a concerted effort to cover up the jihad that is currently being waged against the American people and race is not a consideration.

    Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has assured the American people that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. The American people are not so sure about that. Like the married jihadists in San Bernardino, California, Mumani had pledged his allegiance to ISIS. Munthar Olah Selah, an accomplice in the plot to blow up Times Square with a pressure cooker waived his Miranda rights and told authorities that he is also a supporter of ISIS. One informant reported that he was told ISIS is justified in their actions because they are “protecting what they believe in."

    From the hundreds of misclassified crime reports to rumors that the Obama administration is interfering with the FBI's ability to work freely, it appears that our own President is protecting what ISIS believes in too.
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