At last they have made it hot for the private bank Coutts...

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    At last they have made it hot for the private bank Coutts more widely known as a banker to the Queen. It's been fined huge sum by Financial Service Authority for money laundering and servicing some "risky" clients. I only hope that the Queen is not in the list, though you see.... nobody can guarantee you this in modern Britain unfortunately....
    Coutts is part of Royal Bank of Scotland banking holding, and British government owns 84% of it. And in the government there's no lack in officials involved in corruption or prone to it, believe you me! I've got number of long-standing links in some agencies with access to sensitive or confidential info so to say. Couple of years back at a small get-together theme of corruption in the upper echelons of power was touched and they prompted that even the royalty's accounts (!) were involved.
    They meant money came there from some highly fishy "political refugees" from Russia, Chechnya and other post'communist states mainly!! Frankly I was too shocked to believe that then! Later on I came across some reports in Inet referring to Boris Berezovsky, former Russian mogul, who got his right to reside in Britain through huge bribe. Far as I know presently he's trying to get his place among the Lords also using same loophole! It was then I started to think outrageous corruption in the upper crust may be a fact of real life.
    Now, Coutts case has only added some more meat to those suspicions of mine.....

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