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    This is a mock-exchange between Green Arrow (DC Comics' fictional vigilante-archer and democracy-crusader) and Leviathan (a metaphysics creature signifying pure chaos/anarchy) regarding the legalization of marijuana under 'TrumpUSA.'



    ARROW: Marijuana-legalization intrigue in America is California-based.
    LEVIATHAN: Don't forget about the impact of Colorado, Canada, and Mexico.
    ARROW: It's a continental issue...
    LEVIATHAN: America doesn't want to be 'culturally-chasing' Amsterdam.
    ARROW: Algeria is ahead of America in wind-energy research/development.
    LEVIATHAN: You think legalizing pot will improve commercial relations?
    ARROW: It would be like 'breaking-bread' with Canada, Mexico, and Europe.
    LEVIATHAN: There's also marijuana in India, Afghanistan, and New Zealand.
    ARROW: We can't reach everyone...however, Americans want trade with Holland.
    LEVIATHAN: Leave it to Arnold Schwarzenegger's California...
    ARROW: Celebrity-politicians are a new trend/phenomenon.
    LEVIATHAN: Americans right now are cheering the Patriots (NFL) finally losing!
    ARROW: Yes, the upstart Eagles prevented Brady's Patriots from winning their 6th.
    LEVIATHAN: Tom Brady is a Godzilla...he's made bureaucracy predictable.
    ARROW: So, Americans want to talk 'laisse-faire' civilization 'customs.'
    LEVIATHAN: Media-age is about comforts and recreation in large part.
    ARROW: Hence, the owner of Trump Taj Mahal casino is now U.S. President.
    LEVIATHAN: I'm cheering for the New York Jets (NFL) next season.
    ARROW: The Jets just acquired Kirk Cousins --- Namath, Testaverde, Cousins.
    LEVIATHAN: Yes, three media-friendly NFL quarterbacks for the Jets' history.
    ARROW: Maybe Arnold can promote 'populism-targeting.'
    LEVIATHAN: Legalizing pot is a modern issue, since modern times are trade-centric.
    ARROW: To defeat the 'beast' of cholesterol, we need 'civics supervision.'
    LEVIATHAN: Lifestyle-programs (e.g., Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) are symbolic now.



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