*Arkansas' New Immigration Laws: At Schools*

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. Is illegal really illegal, or is it, *wink wink illegal*?
    2. Our government is full of shit!
    3. We need abide by immigration laws, or throw *all* laws out!
    4. This isn't pick and choose which laws we abide by.
    5. You government elected people better get your shit together, or we will!
    6. Anyway, lets get these same laws put into place here from Arkansas.
    7. Link:Reports Of Hispanic Students Vanishing From Alabama Schools After Immigration Ruling | Fox News

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Hispanic students have started vanishing from Alabama public schools in the wake of a court ruling that upheld the state's tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration.

    Education officials say scores of immigrant families have withdrawn their children from classes or kept them home this week, afraid that sending the kids to school would draw attention from authorties."

    8. Lets get these *free loaders* out of here!!!

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