Are we really interested in a global disaster?

Discussion in 'General Global Topics' started by Jes, Feb 22, 2011.

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    We all know what happened in some of the Middle Eastern and North African countries. There were too many talks about bringing democracy there, but the only thing we achieved is local instability. In that case I wonder why some politicians like John McCain forecasting and I guess wishing the repetition of these events in Russia. If something similar will happen in Russia it will be a real global scale disaster. Russia is the biggest country in the world and the only limiting factor between Europe and Muslim world, like it or not, it also helps America to restrain China. And now imagine that revolution overwhelmed multinational Russia – the same thing will happen in Europe where a lot of Muslim migrants are living and ready to riot – a bad example is catching. While Europe and Russia will be dealing with their problems China will seize the hour and it will definitely use its chance to expand its influence and of course its territory – not good for the US. That is why Europe and America should be interested in Russia’s stability like no one else, because it’s the only guarantee of keeping the Muslim World and China where they should be.

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