Anti-torture deal allows... (satire) hehe

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    December 15, 2005
    McCain-Bush Anti-Torture Deal Allows Use of C-Span
    by Scott Ott

    (2005-12-15) — The White House has reportedly agreed to support Sen. John McCain’s anti-torture legislation, after the former POW added an amendment allowing U.S. agents to interrogate suspected terrorists using a controversial technique involving prolonged exposure to C-Span.

    A spokesman for Human Rights Watch immediately attacked the deal as “a complete capitulation to the Bush administration’s crusade of terror against unjustly-imprisoned freedom fighters.”

    In a hastily-called news conference the unnamed Human Rights Watch source said, “If you’re going to allow agents to use C-Span, or even the threat of C-Span, you might as well go back to waterboarding or raking fingernails across the blackboard.”

    Sen. McCain, however, defended the concession, saying that “Congressional debates on C-Span are no worse than the incessant drone of mosquitos that I heard throughout my days as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.”

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