*Another Would-Be copper Theif Takes A Fall, Breaks Legs, Ahhhhh.*

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. Couple days ago copper thieves stole metal from a roof structure and the roof fell in on them, yup, they were killed, squashed them like a bug.
    2. They should of been working a job, but yet, they wanted to get something for nothing, which there is no such thing.
    3. Everything has a cost, and if you steal for a living, there is an inevitable price to pay.
    4. Better to live in a cave, and eat berries and grass hoppers than to be a thief.
    5. Let that be a lesson to all you lazy people not willing to work a *real job*.
    6. Now we see some crook falling from a building and breaking his legs, its hard to feel bad for him this Christmas, he tried to steal from a school roof top, or some business, no one should like that.
    7. If you like it, that he was in the right to try and steal from this school, then you are in fact, immoral as a person.
    LINK:Thief Injured Attempting To Steal Copper Wire From School « CBS Miami

    "A thief apparently looking to steal copper from equipment on the roof of a Miami-Dade school fell more than two stories, a debilitating plunge that left him unable to walk, apparently with a broken hip or leg.

    The hapless Spiderman was captured by security cameras at Charles Wyche Elementary School in Miami Gardens. He arrives, wearing a ski mask, and begins to arrange ropes he’s carrying for a climb up the outside wall of the school to the roof, more than two stories above. Moments later a second camera angle shows the man falling to the ground – a drop of more than 25 feet – where he begins to writhe in pain. The intruder dragged himself out on to a walkway and attempted to stand up, but immediately fell back down. He then dragged himself on his belly out of the school, pushing a pair of bolt cutters in front of him."


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