Another 22 Killed 18 miles south of Texas! + 2 news men

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    22 suspected drug gang members killed in battle with Mexican soldiers near US border


    September 16, 2010

    On Thursday Sept. 12Th, Mexican soldiers on patrol were fired upon by an alleged drug ring. The gun fight left 22 drug cartel dead and one soldier wounded. The incident happened on a ranch only 18 miles from the U.S. Texas Border said, The U.S. Defense Department.

    The soldiers searched the ranch and found stolen military uniforms. They also, found 55 grenades, 18 rifles, four handguns guns, 99 ammunition clips, 1,540 rounds of ammunition and vehicles. These kind of battles are numerous and often. The cartels dress up as, the military and commit all kinds of crimes from attacks, high jackings to kidnappings and road blocks.

    It's been reported that the Drug Cartels will block roads to keep the military from going to the aid of a gun battle already in progress. Cartels have been know to steal buses and cars and use the people as human shields in their road blocks. (Good luck to the tourists.)

    Since, 2006 The Cartels have murdered 28,000 people and counting. Recently, they jumped two very young newspaper journalists in their car, who were coming back from lunch. One had just started and the other was an intern. They killed one and put the other in serious condition.

    Since, Pres. Calderon took office, 22 Mexican journalist have been murdered. In Mexico the journalists are being killed by the drug cartel to keep the newsmen from reporting bad news about the cartels wrongdoings.

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