An End To Polling! Back To Events An Issues Coverage(?)!

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    Gallup is suspending polling since even their office phone isn't working(?)! Clearly no one can get more skewed than that(?)! Gallup is concerned that their already loaded, "Likely Voter" weighting, would probably easily show Romney ahead 95% to 47% in the Post-Sandy polls. The South could be over-represented as has been usual. The "Big Apple" is mostly bobb-bobb-bobbing around, and clearly on Halloween(?)!

    Then anyone notices that Rasumssen has yet to notice any problems at all with the robo-calling(?)! "All Circuits Busy" has apparently become a meaningful response(?), at some phone banks!

    Anyone sees on the West Coast that even cell phones are not working well on the East Coast, and audio and other delays are shown. E-mail comes in, "We still have power, here!"

    So in the absence of national polling, does that leave an analysis of national issues and events, anywhere(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (So even again the Spirit of Lincoln is upon the Ravaged Land(?)! Anyone has to wonder at all the attention--Some problem with some colored guy, probably again(?)! That seems to characterize even now, the Republican Party in disaster mode(?)--finding some way to hoard the Ohio Loot from the Rally event(?), or something!)

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