Amnesty create illegal immigration.

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    Immigration reform is nothing more than amnesty now and amnesty again in 20 years. All illegal aliens are not hard working good people. With illegal immigration come gangs, drugs and all kind of crimes. How do you know the good hard working people from the criminals if they have not been caught committing a crime?

    Illegal immigration do not rock your world. If it did you would put a stop to it yesterday.

    If your child walked to school dodging bullets, you would have stopped it yesterday.

    If you jobs was taken by an illegal alien, you would have stopped it yesterday.

    If bullets came through the wall of your home, you would have stopped it yesterday.

    If your fence was covered with gang graffiti, you would have stopped it yesterday.

    If illegal aliens moved into your neighborhood and brought down the value of your property, you would have stopped it yesterday. Stop it now or it will be you next. Obama, have your children ever saw an illegal alien? How many illegal aliens live on Pennsylvania avenue?

    Well Obama, and all those who want to give illegal aliens amnesty, that is millions of American’s dilemma that they live every day. The American people have had enough of this bulls****t.




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    Obama, what part of this do you not understand?

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