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    Some Mexican mouth-piece that shows up on FOX News from time to time was on this morning defending the looming Amnesty debate in the coming months. He has blonde hair and looks white, a stealth TV PR man from Mexico offering us his explanation to letting him and his cousins into your home.

    Well, his argument of giving amnesty to illegals ages 18-30 is that they pay social security taxes and that the USA needs those workers to pay taxes. They are already here working and paying taxes so we should just give in to them, was his argument.

    So if they are already working here as an illegal, which is a crime, we're supposed to ignore that? They took a job from an American and we're supposed to ignore that?

    They pay taxes right now using some American's personal information, which is a crime. Oh, but since they are paying taxes using someone's info that means we should let them keep working here as an American with all the access to welfare, etc.

    What a fucking idiotic, corrupt argument. Jose is working here under Jim's personal information and paying taxes as Jim which creates a mess with the IRS, Social Security, etc....but we should now let Jose work as Jose as if he will work and not just take welfare benefits that pay as much as cleaning hotels.....fucking insane.

    You liberal scum that agree to this are proof of inbreeding.

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