Americans Optimistic about 2006

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    Americans Are Optimistic about 2006
    by Janice Shaw Crouse, Human Events
    Posted Jan 5, 2006

    According to a poll just released by Quinnipiac University, Americans are highly optimistic about 2006 and, by a margin of 79 percent to 10 percent, expect 2006 to be better than 2005. The poll also found that 2005 was better than 2004 for more than half of all Americans (53 percent said 2005 was better than 2004; 33 percent said 2005 was worse than the previous year).

    In other words, the conservative resurgence in America is a resounding success; a majority of Americans are looking forward to the future with enthusiasm and confidence. These findings are surprising in light of the mainstream media’s unrelentingly negative reports. One would never guess such optimism abounds amid an absolute avalanche of dreary reports about contemporary America.

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