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    Durban and Schumer are on CSPAN again with arguing with Napolitano about the Dream Act. Fighting against U.S. college students who will be looking for jobs when they graduate to pay off their student loans, make a living and contribute to the economy and society. Their fight to give legal status to college student in the country illegally will compete with U.S. students for jobs that are scarcely available. U.S. student graduating are having to leave the country to find jobs or go to work at Wal-Mart.
    It is un-American, shame and disgrace that Durban and Schumer are doing this to U.S. students and their parents who have to compete with parent of illegal students for jobs. Is am sure this do not affect them and their children. If it did they would not be doing this to U.S. children.
    Mexico need these children we have educated more then we do to contribute to their economy and will go a long was in keeping Mexicans in Mexico.
    We cannot afford to educate U.S. children and provide jobs for them and educate children of illegals and provide jobs for them to. There is not enough jobs to go around.

    Legalization for children of Illegal Aliens would mean legalization for their parents. Amnesty
    What is fair, compassionate and humane for American children?
    Dream Act punish U.S. children and their parents.
    Americans first. Educate Americans first. Hire Americans first

    When our founding father took this country away from native American they said Americans first. What has changed? Is it white man’s guilt that is driving Durban and Schumer?

    Immigration Reform: Americans First?
    Senator Dick Durbin is weighing a proposal that would require companies to try to hire Americans before bringing in temporary foreign workers.
    Immigration Reform: Americans First?


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