America Should Militarily Stay Out of Iraq!

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    Those voices throughout the world that are extremely angry with the Shia Iraqi government over the disintegration of the country of Iraq have it absolutely right! The Americans delivered a functioning country with a promising future when they left Iraq in 2011 and Prime Minister Maliki, a Shiite, and the Shia leaders backing him threw it all away with their discriminatory and bigoted behavior toward Sunni Iraqis. Within weeks if not days from the Americans leaving the Shia government issued a criminal arrest warrant for the leading Sunni politician in the country for acts that happened over a year prior. The Shiite government stopped paying the Sunni Tribes for security, they precluded Sunnis from getting their fair share of Iraqi civil service jobs, Maliki took over control of all the Iraqi security forces by not filling the ministry of interior and the ministry of defense posts, Maliki begun criminal investigation and prosecution of leading Sunnis and committed other discrimination against Sunnis. Maliki and his key Shia backers drove the Sunni Iraqi population to ally themselves with the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham Islamic extremist group and takeover huge swaths of the country.

    The American government should militarily stay out of Iraq, Iraqi Shia leaders committed the wrongs let them get their just due. America should remember the lessons learned from its history in South East Asia and South America where it propped up bad governments where they eventually end up falling after much violence and America ends up being hated by many people in those countries that suffer harm because of American intervention. Also, contrary to the perspective that the media likes to promulgate the Sunni Tribes are in control of the takeovers going on in Iraq, not ISIS, ISIS is a disorganized group and its leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is a hardened criminal he is no political or moral great leader if the Sunni tribes pull their favor from Baghdadi and ISIS, it falls!

    The best outcome for Iraq is if the Sunni and Kurd leaders decide to save the country and do so by pursuing changes to the Iraq constitution that would stop the Shia Iraqi leaders from being able to be discriminatory and ethnically unfair. Change the Iraqi constitution so that the parliamentary vote selecting the Prime Minister has to have ten percent of the total voters from Sunni members and five percent from Kurdish members and so Iraq never again sees a repeat of the parliamentary gridlock that created a Maliki Prime Ministership diminish the number of votes over time a candidate needs to win the Prime Ministership; for the first ninety days after a parliamentary election it would be fifty plus percent for the next ninety days forty-five plus percent and for the next ninety days forty plus percent and so on and so forth. Limit the number of seats in parliament to ten percent for one party's slate so the Iraqi people can marginalize Shia leaders of hate like Muqtada al Sadr. Write-in the constitution that civil service jobs in the respective ministries have to have so many percentage of Sunni Iraqi and Kurdish Iraqis whatever their demographic representation is in the country. State in the constitution that either the head of the ministry of defense or the ministry of Interior has to be Sunni and if that job is not filled within 120 days from a vacancy the leading Sunni in parliament fills the job and that person cannot be removed without that leading Sunni's approval. In the constitution, write in the ethnic demographics of the Judiciary has to match that of the overall population of the country. Further, the Sunnis and Kurds need to require an agreement from the Shiites that Nouri Al Maliki permanently steps down from office and never again runs or holds a national office.

    The best outcome for all peoples throughout Iraq is if the country of Iraq stays intact with these ethnic group protections written into the constitution. The second best option and it is a really far second best is that the country of Iraq permanently split apart with the Kurds getting the North, the Sunnis getting the West and Center and the Shia getting the south and east part of the country. This second option is not an ideal option because there is going to be huge numbers of people of minority ethnic demographics left in each of these smaller countries which provides the ingredients for ethnic violence against them; however this permanent split is better than the option of a permanent civil war in Iraq. Moreover a permanent split will almost certainly result in a war in Turkey as Kurdish Iraqis try to create a large Kurdish country with Kurdish Turks, Sunni Iraqis embroiled in the bloody Syrian civil war as Sunni Syrians and Sunni Iraqis naturally try to get together and form a single country and Shia Iraqi regions being annexed by Iran and people in this region having to live under the truly evil truly son of Satan Grand Ayatollah Khameni!

    It would not be surprising at all if this is what plays out in Iraq. ISIS and their Sunni allies at least come down and take the three major areas of Baghdad, Fallujah and Najaf if not going down as far as the southern oil fields in Iraq and taking them. The fighting that achieves this outcome is really bloody and not only many combatants lose their lives but civilians lose their lives in epic "war crime" numbers.

    This leaves the situation in Iraq where Shia Iraqi leaders have a decision to make do they let this bloody juggernaut continue throughout Iraq as the Maliki government continues its futile effort to try to defeat the Sunni fighting forces or do Shia leaders sue for peace agreeing to the aforementioned Iraqi constitutional changes protecting ethnic minorities and bringing fairness throughout the country. The optimally virtuous and wise option is to sue for peace with the Iraqi people living largely happily ever after enjoying the enormous wealth they can acquire from the incredible natural resources they were blessed with but who knows the Shia Iraqi leaders judgment is really suspect what the heck did they think was going to happen in Iraq with their behavior over the last three years!
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