Alternative Budget?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by N4mddissent, Mar 27, 2009.

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    I searched, but have not seen a thread on this. I've been fairly quiet on current events recently, since I know my limitations understanding economic policy and trying to avoid being an ideological clown by defending or criticizing the administration this soon. But this piece was just silly.

    I am referring to the Republicans' alternative budget they produced yesterday. Pamphlet, yes. Propaganda, yes. Party literature, yes. Budget, no. And to say so is just an insult. It's an insult to the public and an insult to thoughtful republicans. There are intelligent, thoughtful republicans with whom I have had many enjoyable and informative debates. Those types of republicans don't deserve the complete fucking moron segment putting something like this out and calling it their "budget".

    And to top it off, that clown Boehner then smirks as he states
    Two nights ago, the president said, "We haven't seen a budget yet out of Republicans." Well, that's not true because, here it is, Mr. President.​

    Seriously. Is this guy not a little ashamed. First of all, revealing a "budget" two nights later does not make Obama's statement that he had not seen a Republican budget "not true". That's just stupid. And from the looks of this "budget" it was thrown together very hastily. Let's hope so. If they took more than a couple of hours one evening to put this piece of shit together, then they have no business having access to sharp pencils, much less a place in congress.

    Have you ever seen a "budget" for the United States with less than 20 pages? Budgets usually have detailed expenditures listed in them, not vague statements on political philosophy and lots of fun fonts.

    I'm not arguing about the content. Just the fact that it was shameless and embarassing on behalf of intelligent conservatives that this was called an alternative "budget".

    Alternative Budget
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    Here is the post on the state of the Reps I made earlier. Guess we are thinking somewhat alike, one, and two they did not get the memo.

    The Reps (am an Independent and moderate on social issues) lost their ideological compass.

    Bush began this new era of social spending; The Prophet is simply taking advantage of it - for very different philosophical reasons it seems to me.

    Bush initiated a crusade-like war in Iraq. We are winning/have won due to determination and luck (as is the case with most wars).

    If they are going to come back, all they have to is object to everything substantive while proposing a more common sense, less ideological solution.

    The weaknesses of the Reps is that they are out of office due their own mistakes. All the rest of the noise around this is bs.

    Overall, I recommend:
    1) They sweep the entire leadership out
    2) Be principled but not the party of religion
    3) Object to all things objectionable to mainstream America and propose intelligent solutions

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