Already Trump is lying about what he said to gold star wife

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tigerred59, Oct 24, 2017.

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    See, I knew this shit was gonna happen....pardon me for being blunt

    Mrs. Johnson god bless her soul, isn't some pretty articulate black woman demanding answers and wanting sympathy from the public. She is in fact, the poster woman for what white people hate about us in this country....ghetto fabulous in both speech and looks and because of these traits, Trump can demonize her at every turn and feel nothing in emotions in doing so...and be rewarded by his supporters because Mrs. Johnson represents everything they hate about black people. Thats why I posted earlier, this woman should not being making the rounds on tv giving her side of the story, because white america, don't care. You are not white and you represent the stereotypical-ness white people expect in our culture. I hate saying it, I know its not right, but its fact and its the new Trump reality.

    I'm not saying she should run and hid, because she's black, what I am saying is she will find herself vilified and the subject of ridicule and fodder for the internet, if she continues this path of going against a liar with a 44 million follower twitter account. Trump is not worth and no amount of money she recieves will be worth the taint she'll recieve.

    La David will go down in history with this sad event and her children can relish and grow in that. Mrs. Johnson, please raise your children honorably, give them guidence and love and allow yourself and this nation to heal. Stay silent and let this shit go, please!!

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