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    The release of the recent stark sci-fi horror film Alien: Covenant and exciting terrorism-comics film G.I. Joe: Retaliation has people talking about 'human bravado imagination.'

    So does entertainment/consumerism spawn gymnasium dialogue?

    Is that good for TrumpUSA or does it reveal our natural American arrogance?

    What would an alien species love/hate about TrumpUSA?

    You decide...



    A team of random American survivors of the terrible 'Xenomorph apocalypse' tried to rebuild planet Earth after a band of furious predatory devastating intelligent alien-creatures (called 'Xenomorphs') destroyed nearly everything. The Xenomorphs hated everything about Earth, humanity, America, and the United Nations. They hated humanity's love of movies and Wall Street, so they demolished NYC and Paris and even Sydney. The survivors assembled and called themselves the Defiance (the last stand for resistance). Defiance included media-celebrities (actors/actresses) who hid in their comfy mansions while the aliens destroyed cities; but it also included soldiers and even 'mercenaries' willing to stand up to these anti-human aliens from hell. The origin of the Xenomorphs was unknown, but what was certain was that they detested Earth (maybe global warming?).



    The Xenomorphs established an underground 'labyrinth' under the U.S. cities they destroyed, so Defiance went looking for them, trying to lure them out of their underground haven and kill them above-ground where there was more sunlight and visibility. Defiance used decoy-runners to excite the Xenomorphs until they popped up above ground. While the decoy-runners were scouring the underground labyrinths, they noted that the Xenomorphs had constructed elaborate egg-laying 'cathedrals' meant to foster their ravenous will to colonize/conquer Earth. The decoy-runners included one movie-actor (Hayden Christensen) and one Italian female cop (Kay Falcone).



    When the Xenomorphs popped up above ground, Defiance was ready and waiting with special reconstructed guns fitted with an ultra-bright UV flashbulb which could be used to blind the terrifying creatures, confusing them long enough to get a good precise shot at their skulls aimed and released. Defiance trained a great deal for this 'mission' so they did not fail or miss, and when the Xenomorph aliens did surface above ground, Defiance used their confounding weapons to blast their heads open. It was a genocide of heroic proportions(!). There were about 30 Xenomorphs in all (sufficient to destroy Earth's cities with their nuclear weapons and corrosive acid), but Defiance hunted each one down methodically before destroying their underground lair containing their fertilized eggs. The Xenomorph progeny were no more...



    The guns were the real heroes of the mission, so they were kept in a special vault in what was left of Washington, D.C. and considered 'hallmarks' of humanity's resilience and stand against the devastating Xenomorph-invasion. These guns were named the Light Strikers, and generations to come would consider them more sacred than the bayonet-guns used during the American Civil War or the artillery used by the Allied Forces in World War II. The Light Strikers were the 'toys' that helped humanity subdue this terrible Xenomorph fury. The members of Defiance continued to wonder exactly why these furious alien creatures invaded Earth and how to rebuild human civilization so as to 'ward off' the terrible 'demons' of anti-humanity rage.



    The members of Defiance, including movie superstar Tom Cruise and popular actress Charlize Theron decided to market specially-designed military-vehicle model-toys called 'Defiance Destructors' which resembled in appearance the toy vehicles from the popular American paramilitary fantasy-adventure comics franchise G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Hasbro/Marvel). The Defiance Destructors became very popular among the youngsters of future generations on Earth, and Defiance would be considered the new 'founding-fathers' trying to reconstruct the 'vision' of a pluralistic/democratic America that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and JFK imagined.



    Imagineers of future generations on Earth rebuilt Disney World and constructed a special 'fear-fantasy' thrill-ride called the Xenomorph Tent, which was very very popular. This Disney ride spawned many films about humanity defying invasions by terrible alien intelligences, and the descendants of the members of Defiance wondered how human courage could ironically lead to more 'amusement-park marketing/merchandising.' Would this continuing human fascination with imagination, entertainment, and consumerism draw the attention of yet more alien-intelligences brooding about humanity's 'enduring focus' on playfulness? Only time would tell...




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    did they eat liberals first....?

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    Trumpsters would kick their ass, end of movie. Run credits

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